The Ensures for Protecting The Remuneration as Well as Also The Procurement There of UAE LABOR Regulation


The remuneration shall comprise all of the fiscal and in kind elements supplied by the company into the worker in exchange for your time and hard work and period supplied by the employee. The U.A.E Labor Law has provided guarantees to Safeguard the Employee’s wage and to obtain it in full as stipulated by law the Following:

Very first: Assessing The Remuneration in The Deduction:

In accordance with Post No. (Sixty ) of the Labor Law, any sums of money may not be deducted from the worker’s remuneration to Recoup rights, except at the following cases:

A. Repayment of amounts or advances of income paid to the employee more than their entitlement, provided that deduction within this case may not exceed 10 percent of the employee’s periodic pay.

B. Installments which can be payable from law by both the employees in their own remuneration, such as social security and protection obligations.

C. Subscriptions of their employees from the rescue fund or developments because of repayment into this fund.

D. Installments in respect of any societal strategy or other privileges or services offered by the company and authorized by the Labor office.

E. Fines imposed upon the worker as a Result of offenses perpetrated by him

F. Any debts payable in implementation of courtroom ruling given not more than a quarter of their worker pay shall be deducted. At the event of numerous lenders or debts, half of the remuneration in the most may be deducted and the amounts of dollars combined shall be divided pro rata between beneficiaries subsequent to payment of almost any valid cheque payable to a quarter of their remuneration.

The previous clause (F) displays the security given for its employee out of his creditors, who may request the seizure of remuneration to satisfy their legal rights because the remuneration may be your supply of residing of the worker and his family. Regulations has ascertained the seizure percentage for the single creditor which the seizure percentage shall not exceed the quarter and in case of the diversity of the creditors the seizure percentage will not go beyond the half of the remuneration. And if financing is one of these loans, then quarter is assigned and also the remaining portion of seized half imputed to pay for other creditors prorata, i.e. worker charges are 8000 AED and half this amount allowed for the sake of the creditors, subsequently quarter (2, 000 AED) to pay for jobless and staying 2, 000 AED taken care of creditors pro rata.

In order to estimate the percentage of their remuneration of their employee which may be deducted, first; the percentage should be determined of their above deductions as conditions in the clause (A – C) of report No. (60) of those claimed Labor Law, and also the rest will likely be deducted of this percent cited in clause (H) of exactly the very same Post – In the event the remuneration of this worker is ten thousand Dirhams, and the total amount deducted from loans, subscriptions, obligations and fines will be AED 1,000, the amount deducted from this for its utilization of item (H) that said above is nine thousand Dirhams.

Secondly: Estimating The Deduction in the Event The Employee Will Cause DamagesWeight Decline or Destructions;

In Accord with Post No. (6-1 ) of this Labor regulation which claims that”When the worker has caused the loss, injury or damage to some machines, tools, equipment or products owned by or retained in custody of the employer, to this extent which participation of this worker was due to his error or breach of their employer’s guidelines, then the employer has got the possibility to decrease from the employee’s pay out the amount necessary for rectifying mistake or restoring the thing to its initial state, so long as the quantity to be deducted shall not exceed 5 day pay each month. The employer can employ for the competent court during the involved Labor office for authorizing him to subtract over that amount if the worker is currently financially sound or has some other source of income”.

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