Terrorists Approach and Assault Smooth Targets, What Do You Call When Organized Unions Would You?


If it has to do with hurting our economy exactly who can be more worse, International Terrorists of Large Unions? The reason why I ask is simple, you see that we are in a Presidential Election year, using over 100-days to go, and also the two candidates are speaking about outsourcing American work opportunities and debating why companies are leaving the US and seeking less hostile small business environments; decrease corporate taxation, couple group actions suits, simpler regulations, and not as much grief from unions. Okay so let’s speak about that is hurting our market will we?

There has been a very interesting article that appeared News and World Report about September 7, 2015 titled:”With contract terminal nearing, UAW chief claims he has not chosen an auto company to goal,” from Tom Krisher,” Associated Press Auto Writer – which stated:

“… UAW President Dennis Williams said Monday he will pick among Ford, General Motors and fiatchrysler,” and also”Talking after Detroit’s annual Labor Day parade,” Williams failed to address if the contracts are extended and also gave no information about how the talks that pay about 140,000 employees are progressing;’everyone says to me’Dennis, have you chose a focus on?’ Yes. But afterward he told reporters he would select a single company by the time the current four-year contracts end.”

At time of that article about one-year past – The UAW (United Auto Workers) president said that he’s not chose, or THEY have not determined which car organization to focus on however. WOW, every other sector within our market plus they’d face a Federal Indictment for conspiring within this manner. I’m pissed away with the double standards we’ve got within this fantastic Country. It is pathetic to allow your own UAW to do so. Entirely pitiful, Ayn Rand was ideal. Is this about collective-bargaining or is it collective terrorizing.

And, what are the results if businesses don’t acquiesce? Uncomplicated, the union members can act like thugs, vandalize vehicles of”scabs” these employees that cross the picket lines, and also harass management, part time personnel and lobby to find government to enter and over govern and nice both the companies to exhaustion right up until they offer up and pay up. Wow, therefore what is the meaning of terrorism ?

“the usage of violence and intimidation at the search for political intentions ”

Yep, this is this is also it guaranteed fits those activities does it not? Consequently, if the democrats sponsor enormous labor unions, then does this mean they have been sponsoring terrorism? Well? Does it?

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